The Marple Newtown Music Parents' Association is embarking on exciting initiative to bring a Steinway Piano to the Performing Arts Center at Marple Newtown. Steinway is internationally recognized as the highest quality musical equipment. Providing a Steinway piano for the students of Marple Newtown will continue the decades-long tradition of exceptional, quality music.

Steinway produces the only handcrafted piano in the world.  For more than 100 years the factory in New York has been making pianos that are played around the world.  The Steinway name is immediately recognized and respected as the finest quality piano around the globe.  This necessary equipment is crucial for students to learning to develop proper touch, tone and musical expression. Unlike any competition in the piano market, Steinway pianos retain their value for more than 50 years, and, when properly maintained, increase in value over time. By having a Steinway piano, the Marple Newtown Performing Arts Center will be in an excellent position to attract guest performers from places such as the Philadelphia Orchestra and Chamber Music Society.  This is not just about an investment in the students of Marple Newtown today, but an investment for students for many, many years to come.